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Pet Recycling Group

In the beginning of 2011 two companies, Geleon-Link and Musaffo Niyat, initiated a project of building a plant for the processing of used plastic bottles made ​​from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), with a capacity of more than 7 000 tons per year. This technology, called "bottle to bottle", allows production of raw materials (PET pellets) for further manufacture of PET food packaging made ​​from 100% recycled material. Technology, used in our production, has no analogues in the CIS countries.


This process includes the following stages of processing:  multi-stage washing and crushing of used PET bottles on the Technofer, Italian company equipment. Then goes melting and viscosity increase in the thermal reactor on the equipment of the Austrian company Starlinger, allowing produced raw materials to achieve quality parameters of primary PET raw materials imported from abroad. Processing technologies are unique and were patented by these companies. 


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